Functional Gait Assessment

Level one certification in foot and gait biomechanics

We’re coming to London!

September 16–17

Instructors: Dr. Courtney Conley & Dr. Jenifer Perez


YMCA Kings Cross
120 Cromer St,
London WC1H 8BS, United Kingdom

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Times: 9am – 5pm Daily

The Functional Gait Assessment Level One course is an in-person 16-contact-hour course designed for health care practitioners.We recommend participants hold a certification or degree of higher education including (but not limited to) Doctor of Physical Therapy, Doctor of Chiropractic, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, or Certified Athletic Trainer.

This comprehensive certification gives you an evidence-based, systematic approach for assessing gait dysfunction.

With advanced training and hands-on labs, you'll gain:

An advanced knowledge and understanding of lower extremity biomechanics in the gait cycle

A better understanding of how to assess the lower quarter through dynamic gait analysis, postural assessment, palpation, and dynamic orthopedic testing.

Specific assessment techniques that will improve your ability to identify and address musculoskeletal dysfunction and improve your patient’s motor function to restore function, eliminate pain and normalize gait.

The confidence and skills you need to identify aberrant gait patterns and zero in on the root cause

The knowledge, tools and specific assessments to direct your treatment of even the toughest lower extremity cases

And much more…

All backed by the latest research and methods in gait assessment.

Day 1

You’ll learn a step-by-step approach to assess gait mechanics, both identifying normal gait parameters as well as aberrant patterns in the human gait cycle through lectures, case studies, and interactive labs.

Day 2 You’ll dive deeper into specific assessment strategies for the forefoot, midfoot, rearfoot, ankle, hip, spine, and posterior chain. You’ll also learn to identify common congenital defects and their implications in the gait cycle. Each part of day two will have a hands-on laboratory session to practice assessment techniques amongst participants. This experience will give you the tools to be able to apply the knowledge you’ve gained in the course with your patients immediately.You will receive a certificate for successful completion of the course upon completing the Post Course Assessment with a score of 85% or higher. You will have 48 hours to complete the assessment.

Approximate Instructor / Student Ratio: 2:30

Instructors vary by course locationCEUs:

This course is pre-approved for 16 contact hours by APTA Kentucky.

This course is pre-approved for 15 contact hours or 1.5 CEUs for PT's in California, Ohio, and New York.

This course is pre-approved for 15 contact hours for Athletic Trainers by the BOC.

The Following states are approved by virtue of Kentucky and California: Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia

The following states are considered “meet the standard states“ and do not require approval if the course is quality and/or approved in other states: Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

*Registration is limited to 35 participants, register now before the classes fill
**Student discount available, email photocopy of student ID to

“I just want to say thanks again for the Functional Gait Assessment certification this weekend. I can’t tell you how many patients I have seen over the last three days that I’ve noticed something completely different in their movement patterns than when I evaluated them and have been able to start correcting things down at the foot that are really affecting them up the chain. AND, I’m getting really good PT buy in. Excited to keep educating myself on the foot and getting even better!”

-Dr Andrea Rector​, Physical Therapist

“I learned to use gait as a tool to assess so many different things going on in the body. I now have not only a good understanding of the foot and ankle, but how that relates all the way up and down the kinetic chain. No matter who you’re working with, being able to assess how they walk gives you so much information. I feel like a more well-rounded clinician now.”

- Dr. Caleb Pate, Physical Therapist

Course Objectives

1. Participants will develop improved competence from taking a patient history

2. Participants will assess gait mechanics, identifying normal gait parameters as well as aberrant patterns in the human gait cycle.

3. Participants will learn to identify pathological gait patterns

4. Participants will assess the lower quarter through postural assessment, palpation, and dynamic orthopedic testing.

5. Participants will identify common lower quarter dysfunctions.

6. Participants will practice progression planning and treatment of common lower quarter dysfunctions.

Plus we’ll be in Canada this year too!

Calgary: April 29–30 – Instructor: Dr. Jenifer Perez

Vancouver: June 10–11 – Instructor: Dr. Courtney Conley

Toronto: October 14–15 – Instructor: Dr. Eryn Simon

Course Schedule

Day 1:  Taking a History, Gait Assessment, and Pathological Gait Patterns


Day 2: Specific Assessments of the Lower Quarter and Case Studies


Individual case studies will be incorporated throughout the weekend course. These may be individuals from the course or studies designed by the instructors.

FGA Level One Cancellation Policy

Functional Gait Assessment Level 1 Live event fees are 100% refundable if canceled any time before 14 days prior to the live event. If canceled within 30 days of the live event, the live event fees are non-refundable, though they may be applied to future live events.

Gait Happens Clinicians

Dr. Courtney Conley

Founder & President

Lakewood, Colorado

Dr. Courtney Conley is the founder and creator of Gait Happens where she has the opportunity to truly realize

her dream of helping as many people as possible reclaim their foot function.

She’s an internationally renowned foot and gait specialist who teaches both nationally and internationally. Dr. Conley is a chiropractic physician who specializes in foot and gait mechanics. She holds a BA in Kinesiology, a BA in Human Biology and a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine.

She is the owner and operator of Total Health Solutions clinic and Total Health
Performance gym in Lakewood, CO, where she heads patient care with a focus on restoring gait mechanics and helping people resolve foot problems to move more easily and with less pain.

Dr. Conley is a founding member of the
Healthy Foot Alliance, an international
team of practitioners whose collective
goal is to bring light to the benefits
of natural footwear and prevent
unnecessary surgical procedures by
improving foot foundation and creating
a stable platform from the ground up.

Dr. Jenifer Perez

Vice President

Lafayette, Colorado

Dr. Jen Perez is the vice president of Gait Happens. Here, as both an educator and a clinician, she works

to empower as many people as possible to take charge of their lower body health so they can get back to doing what they love.

Dr. Perez holds a BS in Kinesiology-Sports  Medicine and a Doctor of Chiropractic  Degree. She served as the president of  the Sports Chiropractic Club and was selected as one of the first students for clinical residency in Jamaica working  with Olympic and professional track and field athletes.

Dr. Perez knows what  it’s like to have pain stand in the way of something you want which is what drives her to help as many people as possible get back to doing what they love. It’s this drive that brought her to Dr. Conley’s clinic in Golden, CO and  what inspired her to partner with Dr. Conley in creating Gait Happens for online courses, memberships and  virtual consults. Today Dr. Perez, along  with her husband, Dr. Mark Perez, owns and operates Kinetic Chiropractic, in Lafayette, CO.

20221021_112616 (1)

Dr. Eryn


Dr. Eryn Simon believes in the human body’s resilience. She knows

with the right education and guidance people can overcome pain and return to the activities they love. As an athlete who dealt with persistent knee pain from youth through college, she knows all too well the struggles of trying multiple treatments with no lasting benefits. Now, as an expert in human movement, she strives to educate her clients on the correlation between body mechanics and pain, give them the tools for self management, and get them back to fearless movement.

Dr. Simon attended Walsh University where she played collegiate softball and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. She then went on to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at The Ohio State University. After working as a clinician in a busy outpatient clinic, she knew she could do more to help people but needed a different environment. In spring of 2019, Dr. Simon opened Sole Physical Therapy, a cash based practice in Columbus Ohio. This is where she currently provides in person treatments along with virtual consultations for Gait Happens. 

Dr. Simon is a lifelong learner who is always striving to further her education especially in the subject of foot and ankle dysfunction. For fun, she enjoys traveling, playing sand volleyball to get in her competitive fix, and socializing with friends and family.

In Person Clinic: Dr. Simon holds office hours at Sole Physical Therapy in Columbus, OH.

Dr. Chelsea

North Carolina

Dr. Lineberger is a physical therapist, fellowship trained manual therapist,

and CrossFit Level 1 trainer. She believes in bringing a patient-focused, fitness forward approach to physical therapy to help patients get back to the activities they love. She enjoys helping patients understand their bodies better and connect the dots between improving movement and improving overall health.
Dr. Lineberger attended Appalachian State University and graduated in 2014 with a degree in Exercise Science, then attended Duke University for her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, finishing in 2017. Shortly after PT school, Dr. Lineberger was accepted into a fellowship in orthopedic and manual physical therapy to refine her skills and continue her pursuit of providing excellent care.
In addition to providing virtual appointments with Gait Happens, Dr. Lineberger owns Pursuit Physiotherapy and Performance in Denver, NC, an out-of-network clinic that brings a fitness-forward approach to physical therapy care. Her mission is to empower patients to take control of their musculoskeletal health by teaching them about the body’s resiliency.
Outside the clinic you can probably find her hiking with her husband, Drew, and their pup, Harley, or inside the gym at CrossFit DHF.
In Person Clinic: Dr. Lineberger holds office hours at Pursuit Physiotherapy and Performance in Denver, NC.

Hildebrand, MPT

North Carolina

Kala earned a Master’s degree in physical therapy

from Western Carolina University in 2012. After that she began working in outpatient, orthopedic therapy in Asheville, North Carolina, treating patients with a wide variety of diagnoses. Having practiced bodywork since 2006, after completing a 16-month program at the Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle, WA, she opened her own practice in 2018 to offer a combination of physical therapy and massage sessions. She addresses pain and movement dysfunction and has deeply focused time with her patients.

Kala found the world of injury treatment and physical therapy as a teenager, experiencing intermittent dance-related injuries. Her 25+ years of modern dance training and performing inform her interest in restoring patients to pain-free movement patterns. Her interest in the intersection of movement and bodywork also attracted her to Thai massage, incorporating movement, stretching, and compression work. She has completed over 180 hours of Thai massage training in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Together, Kala’s training and experience allow her to address the needs of professional dancers, athletes and amateur movers alike, finding methods of treatment to return each individual to ease of movement.
In Person Clinic: Kala, MPT holds office hours at Kala Physical Therapy in Asheville, NC.

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