Your feet are Mountain Travelers!

Your feet are flexible and love terrain they can adapt to… but what if they could also love long walks in the soft sand without feeling exhausted?

Treat those mountain-lovin’ feet right and the possibilities are pretty epic:

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More power and a stronger push off from your feet

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Have better balance

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Have more endurance and the ability to run faster

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Hike for longer

… And SO much more!

Here's how you get there!

12-Week Online Program – Turn your feet into World Travelers

Reduce foot pain -
Walk, Run, Dance, Compete

The proven online program designed by clinicians and tailored to your feet

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What your Gait Happens Clinicians say about the Fit Feet Program

Trusted By:

Any of these sound like you?

ankles aches

Foot or lower body pain

You’ve got foot or lower body aches and pains that are keeping you from enjoying moving freely and have yet to find a solution.
foot or lower body pain

A history of diagnoses

You have a history of bunions, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, flat feet, hammertoes, shin splints, knee-pain, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction or sesamoiditis.
flat feet pain

‘Solutions’ leaving you powerless

You’re tired of solutions that leave you powerless (orthotics, bracing, injections, surgery) and want to help yourself get stronger and heal.
orthotics surgery

Chronic injuries, again?

You feel like you’ve hit a dead end with chronic injuries. Every time you take a step forward you end up two steps back, it’s hard to find motivation.
feel more stable

Looking to boost performance

You’re looking for a new way to boost your athletic performance for a competitive edge or want to feel more stable for better control over how you move!

The Fit Feet Program can help!

Designed by clinicians and tailored to your feet


Strengthen My Feet
*Join over 500 people

As seen in:

“I wish I’d taken a before shot but I honestly didn’t expect my feet to change this much. Even though I injured my foot in April (heel pain) and have a history of severe ankle sprain (I blacked out from the pain and thought it was broken).

My feet have always had very high arches. I have never seen them this low or supple before. Y’all, my feet pronate now and they’re not even stiff in the morning!

My feet do all sorts of stuff now!”
– Rachel Ishiguro, Yoga Teacher

Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions. Get a program tailored to your feet

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A systematic approach to gait assessment.

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20+ years’ combined experience poured into the program.

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Meticulously curated to suit your specific needs.

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Every exercise = current best practice, backed by the most recent research.

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Tailored to your feet to ensure you get the maximum benefit.

“The best part about this program is that Dr. Conley and Dr. Perez are obviously super passionate about what they do and about helping people. This shines through in their authenticity and even sometimes humorous way. I would totally recommend doing this program.”
– Daphne Morrissey, Personal Trainer

With our tried and true program you’ll experience:

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Relief from foot and lower body pain

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More freedom of movement

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More efficient feet—meaning you can walk longer, more comfortably, and with less fatigue

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Greater mobility and increased balance

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Improvements in all-round strength from the ground up

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Improved performance (in everything from walking to weightlifting)

Designed by clinicians and tailored to your feet


Take My First Step Today
*Over 500 people leaving foot pain behind
  • Nicole Lemal-Stefanovich, Boston Marathon Competitor
    “Without Gait Happens, I know I would not be where I am today. Now I am back to doing what I love. For that, I am eternally grateful. I highly recommend Gait Happens to athletes who are dealing with consistent injuries.”
    – Nicole Lemal-Stefanovich, Boston Marathon Competitor
  • “The program is methodical in its approach and I can see each week how the previous week’s exercises prepared me to advance. Now that I’m over halfway through I can feel the difference that I was hoping for.”
    – Michele Banfield

How does it work?

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You’ll get a program curated to your feet.

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You’ll be assigned specific exercises each week with video demos, sets and reps.

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Your exercises will progressively challenge you as your ability increases.

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You’ll measure improvements in strength, mobility and function as you progress.

In just 20 minutes a day you’ll make the progress you need to to achieve your goals.
Take My First Step Today
*Designed by clinicians for your feet

What's Included?

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40+ training videos

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Bonus 1: Lifetime access to How Fit Are Your Feet workshop (worth $50)

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4 weekly exercises

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Bonus 2: The Natural Shoe Starter Guide (worth $25)

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12 weeks of targeted programming
specific to your feet

Plus you’ll have lifetime access to the entire program.
All for $247
Strengthen My Feet
*Over 500 people leaving foot pain behind

Who’s the program NOT for?

Anyone hoping that simply buying the program will solve their difficulties. You will need to engage to see results.
People with severe injuries who have seriously limited mobility (e.g. are currently unable to walk).
Anyone who doesn’t have the time or capacity to commit to 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

But if you’ve GOT 20 mins a day
and WANT to play an active part in your healing…

This program is for you!

Start Today
*Designed and led by clinicians
“My feet and toes are getting so strong and have never felt better. My daily exercise routine has paid dividends. I’ve been able to resume my normal activities with no pain or swelling. I can’t even begin to express how life changing this has been.

At the beginning, the exercises were so challenging and I could barely get any movement, but things have only continued to improve with patience and consistency. It is truly amazing what happens when your feet start “functioning” the way they’re supposed to. I’m so thankful for your help and guidance.”
– Sebastian, Human Sole

Meet Your Clinicians

Dr. Courtney Conley, DC

Lakewood, Colorado

Dr. Courtney Conley is the founder and creator of Gait Happens where she has the opportunity to truly realize her dream of helping as many people as possible reclaim their foot function.

She’s an internationally renowned foot and gait specialist who teaches both nationally and internationally. Dr. Conley is a chiropractic physician who specializes in foot and gait mechanics. She holds a BA in Kinesiology, a BA in Human Biology and a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine.

She is the owner and operator of Total Health Solutions clinic and Total Health Performance gym in Lakewood, CO, where she heads patient care with a focus on restoring gait mechanics and helping people resolve foot problems to move more easily and with less pain.

Dr. Conley is a founding member of the Healthy Foot Alliance, an international team of practitioners whose collective goal is to bring light to the benefits of natural footwear and prevent unnecessary surgical procedures by improving foot foundation and creating a stable platform from the ground up.

Dr. Jenifer Perez, DC

Lafayette, Colorado

Dr. Jen Perez is the vice president of Gait Happens. Here, as both an educator and a clinician, she works to empower as many people as possible to take charge of their lower body health so they can get back to doing what they love.

Dr. Perez holds a BS in Kinesiology-Sports Medicine and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. She served as the president of the Sports Chiropractic Club and was selected as one of the first students for clinical residency in Jamaica working with Olympic and professional track and field athletes.

Dr. Perez knows what it’s like to have pain stand in the way of something you want which is what drives her to help as many people as possible get back to doing what they love. It’s this drive that brought her to Dr. Conley’s clinic in Golden, CO and what inspired her to partner with Dr. Conley in creating Gait Happens for online courses, memberships and virtual consults. Today Dr. Perez, along with her husband, Dr. Mark Perez, owns and operates Kinetic Chiropractic, in Lafayette, CO.

With guest appearances by…

Dr Eryn

Dr. Eryn Simon, DPT

Colombus, Ohio

Dr. Eryn Simon believes in the human body’s resilience. She knows with the right education and guidance people can overcome pain and return to the activities they love.

As an athlete who dealt with persistent knee pain from youth through college, she knows all too well the struggles of trying multiple treatments with no lasting benefits. Now, as an expert in human movement, she strives to educate her clients on the correlation between body mechanics and pain, give them the tools for self management, and get them back to fearless movement.

Dr. Simon attended Walsh University where she played collegiate softball and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. She then went on to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at The Ohio State University. After working as a clinician in a busy outpatient clinic, she knew she could do more to help people but needed a different environment. In spring of 2019, Dr. Simon opened Sole Physical Therapy, a cash based practice in Columbus Ohio. This is where she currently provides in person treatments along with virtual consultations for Gait Happens.

Dr. Simon is a lifelong learner who is always striving to further her education especially in the subject of foot and ankle dysfunction. For fun, she enjoys traveling, playing sand volleyball to get in her competitive fix, and socializing with friends and family.

In Person Clinic: Dr. Simon holds office hours at Sole Physical Therapy in Columbus, OH.
“You guys are fantastic and exceeded my expectations. Thank you for being an amazing resource.”
– Kathleen, Human Sole

Got Questions?
We’ve got answers!

I’m not very athletic, can I still do this program?

Yes! This program is designed to benefit Every Human Sole!

How many times will I be able to watch the program?

As many times as you like! You will have lifetime access once you purchase.

Is there an app I can use?

What if I make a mistake in the assessment and end up in the wrong program?

Don’t worry about this. The assessment is made of very simple questions and movements (think counting calf raises or timing yourself standing on one leg). This means you’ll be sorted into the most beneficial program for YOU.

I have a specific diagnosis. Will the Fit Feet Program work for me?

What’s the difference between the Fit Feet Program and a Virtual Consultation?

What equipment will I need to use in this program?

Will the Fit Feet Program treat my specific diagnosis?

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