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1-on-1 support from
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Free your feet from the pain and discomfort of bunions

Combating Bunions Mini-Course

You’ll get:

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A foot health 4-module mini-course designed specifically to target pain and discomfort caused by bunions.

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The ability to improve the function of your feet and get back to your favorite activities.

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Crystal clear on how to care for your feet — from exercises to choosing footwear.

Gain the tools you need to walk away from bunion pain.
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Step past foot and low body pain

The Fit Feet Program


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Relief from symptoms caused by bunions, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, hammertoes, shin splints, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction and sesamoiditis

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More mobility, stability and all-round strength

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The freedom to move longer and more comfortably

...and more
Get a program designed by clinicians, curated for your feet
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Get 1-on-1 support from a Gait Happens Clinician

Book a Virtual Consultation

You’ll get:

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Down to the root cause of your case with your unique feet and movement patterns in mind

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One-on-one tailored guidance specific to your body’s needs

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Your quality of life back for the long haul — uninhibited by inefficient movement patterns or lingering lower body pain and injury

Start your tailor-made path to efficient movement
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Your questions answered

How do I know which to choose?

We recommend starting with the Fit Feet Program. This program is a great foundation for overall foot health. We expect almost everyone to benefit from 12 weeks of movement designed for their foot type.

If you’ve already completed the 12-week program and would like to continue working on your foot and lower body mobility and strength, the membership is a great next step for you. You’ll find enough content in there to keep you getting stronger and more mobile for years.

If you are concerned about a specific movement pattern or think your feet or gait are holding you back from achieving specific, high-level goals OR you’re in pain and you aren’t happy with what you’ve been told by the professionals you’ve seen, we recommend a virtual consultation. This can be the key that unlocks a whole different level of performance or a future with more movement and less pain.

Can I do the 12 week program if I’m not an athlete?

Absolutely. This program is designed for every human sole.
Everyone will benefit from this 12 week path.

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