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Foot Health Kit


Designed by Dr. Courtney Conley and Dr. Jen Perez to support your foot health journey. This convenient kit includes tools to support the mobility and strength of your feet to help you build a healthy body from the ground up.

It has everything you need for our Fit Feet program!

  • Everything you need to improve function from the ground up
  • Toe spacers (toe spreaders / toe separators) to promote alignment and balance
  • Medium and small size cork ball for targeted pain relief
  • Patent pending custom foot strengthening band
  • Medium strength resistance band to strengthen the whole kinetic chain


Our Foot Health Pack is the perfect partner to our 12-week online Fit Feet program, but you can also use it as a standalone to support your foot and lower body function. This pack is intentionally designed by clinicians to ensure you have everything you need to relieve pain and build strong and mobile feet.

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