This is an accumulation of Gait Happens-approved products that we find beneficial for foot health.


  • Unshoes
  • Shamma Sandals
  • Luna Sandals
  • Earthrunners
  • Bedrock Sandals
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  • Bont Cycling Shoes
  • Lake Cycling Shoes
  • PedTerra
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  • Topo Athletic
  • Kinis Barefoot
  • Birkenstocks

“I started working with Gait Happens two years ago to strengthen my feet and address a bunion

that was giving me issues. After making a lot of progress in those areas, I was still finding myself

rolling my ankle a lot on the trails. Courtney suggested trying a zero drop shoe (there’s no place

for your ankle to roll if it’s already on the ground)! The idea of zero drop shoes honestly never

appealed to me. I really enjoyed all my springy, foamy shoes, but I figured I would give it a try if

it would help my ankle and possibly improve my technical trail running.

Since we had done all the work to strengthen my feet and calves the switch to zero drop was

seamless. Within 2 weeks a funny thing happened, all my little aches and pains that used to

bother me after a run or upon waking up, were gone! I had made the switch in shoes just to

help me with stability on the trails, but I never expected to see such dramatic changes in how

my body felt. I started running in my zero drop trail shoes on the road and the treadmill just

because my body felt so much better in them. I have now converted all my running shoes to

zero drop!

I just completed (and won) a 6 -day trail stage race and not only did I not fall a single time, but

my body held up so well throughout the week. I really feel like these shoes have been a huge

game changer for me!”

-Cortney H