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Any of these sound like you?

ankles aches

Foot or lower body pain

You’ve got foot or lower body aches and pains that are keeping you from enjoying moving freely and have yet to find a solution.
flat feet pain

‘Solutions’ leaving you powerless

You’re tired of solutions that leave you powerless (orthotics, bracing, injections, surgery) and want to help yourself get stronger and heal.

You're wanting to be proactive

You're tired of reactive recommendations and you're ready to take charge of your foot health.
feel more stable

Looking to boost performance

You’re looking for a new way to boost your athletic performance or want to feel more stable for better control over how you move!

The Fit Feet Program can help!

Designed by clinicians to help you build healthier feet

$247   $197

Improve My Foot Fitness
*Has helped over 1000 soles and counting!
  • Rachel
    “I wish I’d taken a before shot but I honestly didn’t expect my feet to change this much. Even though I injured my foot in April (heel pain) and have a history of severe ankle sprain (I blacked out from the pain and thought it was broken).

    My feet have always had very high arches. I have never seen them this low or supple before. Y’all, my feet pronate now and they’re not even stiff in the morning!

    My feet do all sorts of stuff now!”
    – Rachel Ishiguro, Yoga Teacher
  • “I’m very thankful for this program. Your exercises are easy to do anywhere, especially those first couple weeks. The videos are great. I’ve learned so much about my foot. I’m thankful to be able to walk without excruciating pain like I experienced for 8 months before starting this program.”
    – Brittany Grave

Get a semi-custom program tailored to your feet

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20+ years’ combined experience poured into the program.

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Meticulously crafted by lower body experts.

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Every exercise = current best practice, backed by the most recent research.

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Different paths for different soles to ensure you get the maximum benefit.

“The best part about this program is that Dr. Conley and Dr. Perez are obviously super passionate about what they do and about helping people. This shines through in their authenticity and even sometimes humorous way. I would totally recommend doing this program.”
– Daphne Morrissey, Personal Trainer

How does it work?

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You’ll get a semi-custom program curated based on your at home self-assessment.

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You’ll be assigned specific exercises each week with video demos, sets and reps.

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Your exercises will progressively challenge you as your ability increases.

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You’ll measure improvements in strength, mobility and function as you progress.

In just 20 minutes a day you’ll make the progress you need to to achieve your goals.
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*Designed by clinicians for your feet

What's Included?

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40+ training videos

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Bonus 1: Lifetime access to How Fit Are Your Feet workshop (worth $50)

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4 weekly exercises

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Bonus 2: The Natural Shoe Starter Guide (worth $25)

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12 weeks of targeted programming
specific to your feet

Plus you’ll have lifetime access to the entire program.

All for  $247  $197

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*Has helped over 1000 soles and counting

Who’s the program NOT for?

Those looking for specific recommendations for an existing condition -- for this we recommend a 1 on 1 virtual consultation with one of our practitioners. 
Those with severe injuries, a history of surgery or structural deformity that physically limits mobility, or those looking for relief from severe pain. Please schedule a 1 on 1 consulatation.
Anyone who doesn’t have the time or capacity to commit to 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

But if you’ve GOT 20 mins a day
and WANT to play an active part in improving your foot health…

This program is for you!

Start Today
*Designed and led by clinicians

With our tried and true program you’ll experience:

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Relief from foot and lower body pain

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More freedom of movement

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More efficient feet—meaning you can walk longer, more comfortably, and with less fatigue

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Greater mobility and increased balance

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Improvements in all-round strength from the ground up

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Improved performance (in everything from walking to weightlifting)

Designed by clinicians and tailored to your feet

$247 $197

Take My First Step Today
*Over 1000 people stepping forward
  • Nicole Lemal-Stefanovich, Boston Marathon Competitor
    “Without Gait Happens, I know I would not be where I am today. Now I am back to doing what I love. For that, I am eternally grateful. I highly recommend Gait Happens to athletes who are dealing with consistent injuries.”
    – Nicole Lemal-Stefanovich, Boston Marathon Competitor
  • “The program is methodical in its approach and I can see each week how the previous week’s exercises prepared me to advance. Now that I’m over halfway through I can feel the difference that I was hoping for.”
    – Michele Banfield

Meet Your Clinicians

Dr. Courtney Conley, DC

Lakewood, Colorado

Dr. Courtney Conley is the founder and creator of Gait Happens where she has the opportunity to truly realize her dream of helping as many people as possible reclaim their foot function.

Dr. Courtney Conley is a distinguished figure in the field of foot and gait specialization.

She holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine as well as two Bachelors degrees in Kinesiology and in Human Biology. In her over 25 years of clinical experience, she has had the privilege to work with a wide variety of foot and ankle patients, including professional athletes from organizations not limited to the Phoenix Suns, New York Yankees, Cleveland Browns, New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers.

She is the founder of Gait Happens, an education enterprise that is leading a paradigm shift in foot health education and intervention, offering innovative solutions to reclaim optimal foot function and training that optimizes gait mechanics. Through science-
backed professional education, consumer training, personalized consultations with top-of-field practitioners, and cutting-edge protocols, Gait Happens empowers individuals worldwide to address foot and gait issues with research-based confidence and efficacy. With a focus on natural approaches and preventative measures, Gait Happens fosters a community dedicated to prioritizing foot health and overall well-being.

The Healthy Feet Alliance, is a pioneering initiative co-founded by Dr. Conley, which unites global practitioners committed to promoting natural footwear and preventing
unnecessary surgical interventions. Through collaborative research, advocacy, and education, the alliance empowers individuals to prioritize foot health and embrace holistic approaches to foot care. The Healthy Feet Alliance serves as a beacon of knowledge and support, fostering a worldwide community dedicated to preserving and enhancing foot function for generations to come.

Beyond her pivotal roles at Gait Happens, Dr. Conley is Head of Patient Care at Total Health Solutions and Total Health Performance, premier healthcare destinations
renowned for their comprehensive and personalized approach to patient care. With a team of rehabilitation-focused medical professionals, the THS companies deliver cutting-edge treatment and therapies to optimize foot and gait health and wellness. From preventive medicine to advanced diagnostic services, THS Clinic is steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the well-being of each patient it serves.

Dr Conley’s global influence extends beyond her teaching and treating as she is an internationally recognized authority on foot mechanics and gait dynamics, captivating professional and consumer audiences alike through her comprehensive in-person and
online lectures on foot function and strategies for mitigating foot and gait discomfort. Dr.Conley’s scholarly contributions encompass authorship, mentorship, educational program development, and the formulation of pioneering foot and gait methodologies and her private client list includes numerous professional teams, A-list celebrities, global experts in medical care and heads of state.

In Person Clinic: Total Health Solutions in Lakewood, CO 

Dr. Jenifer Perez, DC

Lafayette, Colorado

Dr. Jen Perez is co-owner and Vice President of Gait Happens. As both an educator and a clinician, her mission is to empower as many people as possible to take charge of their lower body health so they can get back to doing what they love.

Dr. Perez holds a BS in Kinesiology-Sports Medicine and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. She has lectured internationally on foot and gait biomechanics and helped clients across the globe live healthier lives from the ground up. She completed her clinical residency in Jamaica working  with Olympic and professional track and field athletes. She is credentialed in several movement assessment and treatment techniques such as Functional Movement Assessment, Fascial Distortion Model, Functional Movement Specialist, Dry Needling, etc.

Dr. Perez knows what it’s like to have pain stand in the way of your goals. This is what drives her to help as many people as possible get back to doing what they love. It’s this drive that inspired her to partner with Dr. Conley in creating Gait Happens for online courses, memberships and  virtual consultations. In addition to her contributions to Gait Happens, Dr. Perez, along  with her husband, Dr. Mark Perez, owns and operates Kinetic Chiropractic, in Lafayette, CO where she helps patients of all ages, backgrounds, and athletic abilities. No matter what your goals are, whether it's to improve your clinical skills or your physical abilities, Dr. Perez wants to support you and guide you forward. 

In Person Clinic: Kinetic Chiropractic in Lafayette, CO

With guest appearances by…

Dr Eryn

Dr. Eryn Simon, DPT

Colombus, Ohio

Dr. Eryn Simon believes in the human body’s resilience. She knows with the right education and guidance people can overcome pain and return to the activities they love.

As an athlete who dealt with persistent knee pain from youth through college, she knows all too well the struggles of trying multiple treatments with no lasting benefits. Now, as an expert in human movement, she strives to educate her clients on the correlation between body mechanics and pain, give them the tools for self management, and get them back to fearless movement.

Dr. Simon attended Walsh University where she played collegiate softball and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. She then went on to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at The Ohio State University. After working as a clinician in a busy outpatient clinic, she knew she could do more to help people but needed a different environment. In spring of 2019, Dr. Simon opened Sole Physical Therapy, a cash based practice in Columbus Ohio. This is where she currently provides in person treatments along with virtual consultations for Gait Happens.

Dr. Simon is a lifelong learner who is always striving to further her education especially in the subject of foot and ankle dysfunction. For fun, she enjoys traveling, playing sand volleyball to get in her competitive fix, and socializing with friends and family.

In Person Clinic: Dr. Simon holds office hours at Sole Physical Therapy in Columbus, OH.

“You guys are fantastic and exceeded my expectations. Thank you for being an amazing resource.”
– Kathleen, Human Sole

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Got Questions?
We’ve got answers!

I’m not very athletic, can I still do this program?

Yes! This program is designed to benefit Every Human Sole!

How many times will I be able to watch the program?

As many times as you like! You will have lifetime access once you purchase.

Is there an app I can use?

What if I make a mistake in the assessment and end up in the wrong program?

Don’t worry about this. The assessment is made of very simple questions and movements (think counting calf raises or timing yourself standing on one leg). This means you’ll be sorted into the most beneficial program for YOU.
If you begin your program and feel it's not addressing your needs reach out to us at and we'll be happy to help! 

I have a specific diagnosis. Will the Fit Feet Program work for me?

What’s the difference between the Fit Feet Program and a Virtual Consultation?

What equipment will I need to use in this program?

Will the Fit Feet Program treat my specific diagnosis?

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