Gait Foundations: Managing Common Presentations of the Foot
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Upgrade your assessment and treatment toolkit for the lower extremity

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Ever had a patient who's tried everything for their foot, knee or hip pain but nothing's worked?

Or maybe a client who’s movement patterns are clearly contributing to their distress, but you can’t pinpoint exactly where to start?

As clinicians this is such a challenge. And with the limited training we receive on the lower extremity and its function in relation to the entire kinetic chain, it can be daunting to know what to offer these patients.
Hip or Knee Pain

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Gait Courses for Clinicians and Health Professionals

But what if you had the tools to connect the dots and help them finally find relief?

There’s nothing quite like that feeling when a patient who’s been struggling for so long tells you they can finally walk/run/hike with less pain or even without pain.

After all, didn’t we get in this business to change lives??

Now you can help patients move past pain with:

Gait Foundations: Managing Common Presentations of the Foot
A self-paced online course for clinicians and movement professionals
Gait Foundations: Managing Common Presentations of the Foot

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Look beyond symptoms at biomechanics and how aberrant patterns, patterns, compensation and load create/affect symptoms.

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Connect the dots between seemingly unrelated symptoms.

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Curate specific treatment plans to individual patients rather than relying on cookie-cutter protocols.

...and so much more.
Foundations Course - Gait Happens
$250 USD
Upgrade My Skillset
*Lifetime access to course materials included
"Thank you for Gait Foundations: Managing Common Presentations of the Foot. I am a podiatrist and found the course very helpful and I will use it during my clinical assessments. Although surgically trained I still want to maximize what patients can do by increasing mobility in the foot and up the chain. Looking forward to more stuff from you."
- Dr. Janie Trinh

How do I know if this training is right for me?

Simple! If you're a...

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Physical Therapist

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Physical Therapist

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Other Health Professional treating the lower body

...who is tired of watching generic treatment plans fail your patients and wants to treat every person in front of them as a unique individual....
Then Gait Foundations: Managing Common Presentations of the Foot is the perfect fit!
$250 USD
That's Me!
*Lifetime access to course materials included
"This course was amazing! I can't wait to get back to work because there is so much that's easy to understand and implement immediately. It makes me honestly excited!"
- TJ Knowles

You’ll get:

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Specific assessments and treatment strategies to use with patients right away

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An in depth understanding of the musculoskeletal and fascial anatomy of the foot.

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A detailed outline of six common foot presentations that will walk through your doors.

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Forever access to 4 hours of online lectures and content so you can use it for reference throughout your career.

$250 USD
Get Immediate Access
*Lifetime access to course materials included
"I absolutely loved Gait Foundations: Managing Common Presentations of the Foot! This has been a really important missing piece of the puzzle. I already know how important feet are (and frequently see clients who clearly have a foot problem causing issues all over their body) but lacked the understanding of the nitty gritty behind the mechanics of different foot types. This has pulled all of this together for me. I'm looking forward to using this with my clients. Thanks Dr Perez and Dr Conley."
- 'Posture Ellie' aka a Pelvic Dumper.

Meet Your Clinicians

Dr. Courtney Conley, DC

Lakewood, Colorado

Dr. Courtney Conley is the founder and creator of Gait Happens where she has the opportunity to truly realize her dream of helping as many people as possible reclaim their foot function.

Dr. Courtney Conley is a distinguished figure in the field of foot and gait specialization.

She holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine as well as two Bachelors degrees in Kinesiology and in Human Biology. In her over 25 years of clinical experience, she has had the privilege to work with a wide variety of foot and ankle patients, including professional athletes from organizations not limited to the Phoenix Suns, New York Yankees, Cleveland Browns, New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers.

She is the founder of Gait Happens, an education enterprise that is leading a paradigm shift in foot health education and intervention, offering innovative solutions to reclaim optimal foot function and training that optimizes gait mechanics. Through science-
backed professional education, consumer training, personalized consultations with top-of-field practitioners, and cutting-edge protocols, Gait Happens empowers individuals worldwide to address foot and gait issues with research-based confidence and efficacy. With a focus on natural approaches and preventative measures, Gait Happens fosters a community dedicated to prioritizing foot health and overall well-being.

The Healthy Feet Alliance, is a pioneering initiative co-founded by Dr. Conley, which unites global practitioners committed to promoting natural footwear and preventing
unnecessary surgical interventions. Through collaborative research, advocacy, and education, the alliance empowers individuals to prioritize foot health and embrace holistic approaches to foot care. The Healthy Feet Alliance serves as a beacon of knowledge and support, fostering a worldwide community dedicated to preserving and enhancing foot function for generations to come.

Beyond her pivotal roles at Gait Happens, Dr. Conley is Head of Patient Care at Total Health Solutions and Total Health Performance, premier healthcare destinations
renowned for their comprehensive and personalized approach to patient care. With a team of rehabilitation-focused medical professionals, the THS companies deliver cutting-edge treatment and therapies to optimize foot and gait health and wellness. From preventive medicine to advanced diagnostic services, THS Clinic is steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the well-being of each patient it serves.

Dr Conley’s global influence extends beyond her teaching and treating as she is an internationally recognized authority on foot mechanics and gait dynamics, captivating professional and consumer audiences alike through her comprehensive in-person and
online lectures on foot function and strategies for mitigating foot and gait discomfort. Dr.Conley’s scholarly contributions encompass authorship, mentorship, educational program development, and the formulation of pioneering foot and gait methodologies and her private client list includes numerous professional teams, A-list celebrities, global experts in medical care and heads of state.

In Person Clinic: Total Health Solutions in Lakewood, CO 

Dr. Jenifer Perez, DC

Lafayette, Colorado

Dr. Jen Perez is co-owner and Vice President of Gait Happens. As both an educator and a clinician, her mission is to empower as many people as possible to take charge of their lower body health so they can get back to doing what they love.

Dr. Perez holds a BS in Kinesiology-Sports Medicine and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. She has lectured internationally on foot and gait biomechanics and helped clients across the globe live healthier lives from the ground up. She completed her clinical residency in Jamaica working  with Olympic and professional track and field athletes. She is credentialed in several movement assessment and treatment techniques such as Functional Movement Assessment, Fascial Distortion Model, Functional Movement Specialist, Dry Needling, etc.

Dr. Perez knows what it’s like to have pain stand in the way of your goals. This is what drives her to help as many people as possible get back to doing what they love. It’s this drive that inspired her to partner with Dr. Conley in creating Gait Happens for online courses, memberships and  virtual consultations. In addition to her contributions to Gait Happens, Dr. Perez, along  with her husband, Dr. Mark Perez, owns and operates Kinetic Chiropractic, in Lafayette, CO where she helps patients of all ages, backgrounds, and athletic abilities. No matter what your goals are, whether it's to improve your clinical skills or your physical abilities, Dr. Perez wants to support you and guide you forward. 

In Person Clinic: Kinetic Chiropractic in Lafayette, CO

$250 USD
Get Immediate Access
*Lifetime access to course materials included

Got Questions?
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How many times can I watch the course?

Once you purchase the course it’s yours! You can rewatch segments or the whole course as many times as you like. Your access has no expiration.

Is there an app I can use on my phone?

Can I get a copy of the slides from the course?

Yes, once you purchase the course you will have access to a downloadable PDF of the slides.

Can I get CEUs for this course?


Gait Happens (BOC AP#: P12088) is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education to Athletic Trainers (ATs). This program is eligible for a maximum of (4 hours/ Category A CEUs. ATs should claim only those hours actually spent in the educational program.)

Gait Foundations has been approved for Chiropractic CE (4 hours) through Palmer College of Chiropractic: AK, CO, CT, DE, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, ME, MD, MA, MI, MI, MT, NE, NH, NJ, NC, ND, OH, OR, RI, SC, UT, VT, VA, WA, DC, WY (This course is considered distance learning) 

For other professions, we have documentation available on request that you can submit for individual approval.

What teaching methods are used in this course?

We use online lectures to deliver this course. You can watch these at your own pace and as many times as you like.

All online lectures come with a set of downloadable PDF of the slides too.

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